Representative Types

Ways to Participate

Cultural groups participate in the UNC Charlotte International Festival in a variety of ways such as offering cultural displays, providing dance presentations, walking in the Parade of Nations, providing complimentary or for purchase food items, and selling other non-food items (e.g., arts, crafts, jewelry, etc.).  

Parade of Nations

The Parade of Nations is a fashion show of costumes/dress from around the world.  Each country may have a maximum of six (6) participants walk in the parade and each must be wearing their country’s traditional clothing.

Dance Presentations

Does your group perform a traditional cultural dance that you would like to share with attendees of the International Festival?  If so, consider presenting during one of our dance sets in the Student Activities Building!  Two dance presentation segments are offered during the International Festival. Performances are limited to an eight (8) minute maximum for groups and five (5) minute maximum for an individual performer. All performance groups/individuals are required to submit the music selection by the deadline provided or else the performer(s) might not be eligible to perform.

Cultural Displays

Cultural Displays are booths at which groups can represent their country through arts and crafts, demonstrations, or games.

Cultural Item Sales

Some groups may opt to sell arts, crafts, jewelry or other items that represent their country/culture.  If your organization is planning to sell cutural items, please note that the following items cannot be sold: Club promotional, social or political, or basic ‘moneymakers’ such as t-shirts & cookbooks. A complete Cultural Display must be included with the sale of any items.

Food Sales

Some groups may opt to give away or sell ethnic food items representative of their country/culture as a part of their Cultural Display.  If your organization is planning to offer prepared food of any kind during the UNC Charlotte International Festival, you will need to undergo mandatory health and safety training prior to the Festival in order to be approved. Please note that a complete Cultural Display must be included with the sale of any foods.